Wireless Protocol
Protocol sACN, Art-Net / LumenRadio (CRMX)
Operational Frequency 5GHz (Wi-Fi)
2.4GHz (CRMX)
Range 30m (Wi-Fi)
100m (CRMX)
Power 5V
USB Type-C 5V
Power Consumption 1.8W
1x “SYNC” Button Synchronise SKYBRIDGE with DMX CRMX Receivers/Lights
1x “RESET” Button Reset SKYBRIDGE to Factory Default Settings
1x DMX XLR 5-Pin Female
1x USB Type-C Power Input Female
2x Antennae
LED Indicators
1x “POWER” LED Power Input Confirmation
1x “CONNECTION” LED Connection Status
1x “sACN” LED sACN Mode Enabled
1x “ART-NET” LED Art-Net Mode Enabled
1x “DATA” LED Data Transmission Status
1x “5GHz” LED Indicates Wi-Fi Network Status
1x “2.4GHz” LED Indicates CRMX Connectivity
Size (without Antennae)
Weight 295g
Dimensions 145mm x 140mm x 41mm (L x W x H)